In Acts 13 the Antioch church and its leaders were intentionally seeking direction from God. As they prayed and fasted the Spirit made it clear that they should set apart and send out a few of the best and brightest leaders they had been part of raising up. Our culture today is in dire need of churches just like Antioch, who would raise up, set apart and send out, Spirit called disciple makers. Out of this need The A13 Experience was birthed. A13's goal is to clarifying calling and providing a framework and environments to catalyze a kingdom movement.


The A13 Experience was created as a hands on bi-vocational apprenticeship.  We facilitate learning through a combination of experiential and conceptual learning. It is laid out in four distinct Labs stretching over 2 years, roughly 12 weeks each.  Each lab is made up of three aspects that work together; cohort, coaching and experience builder.  In the experience builder the individual works in a local church, alongside the pastor who mentors and provides hands on ministry experiences.  The coaching conversation’s purpose is to help the apprentice hear God, be accountable, and take action.  Finally, each will be involved in a cohort which is a group learning environment focused on essential concepts ministry which leaders should know and implement.


The purpose of The A13 Experience cohort is to create a weekly opportunity for fellow apprentices and a cohort leader to meet for reflection and learning.  Together they will process through various aspects of personal discipleship, areas of theology, and practical areas of leadership and disciple making.   As they do this the outcome should be a deepening of one’s faith in Jesus, knowledge of His Word and kingdom, and skills in ministry and mission.  These conversations will be based on prepared material and subjects, with a heavy slant toward processing the ministry experiences that each are actively involved in.


The cohort is NOT a “come and hear” sort of meeting. It will not be a lecture or presentation. It will be focused conversation born out of the preparedness of each individual prior to gathering together.

Cohort Topic Examples:

Hermeneutics - John 15

Systematic Theology - Doctrine of Christ

Hermeneutics - Genesis 1-3

Experiencing God - God Speaks

The Leader as a Team Builder

The Leader as a Disciplemaker





Simply reading and learning about aspects of ministry does not fully prepare you for actual ministry. You must know how to put theology into practice in real-world settings. This skill is only honed through experience. The problem is that no one begins ministry with experience. This is why mentoring is vital to growth in ministry. The Mentor in The A13 Experience helps fill the gaps between reading and skill. The pastor of a local church will mentor the apprentice and involve them in hands on ministry experience.  Mentors will be intentional about including them and empowering them for greater effectiveness, while helping them discover new and interesting things about their personal gifting and calling into ministry.


In the Act 13 Experience the purpose of the coach is to come alongside to help, just as Barnabas came alongside Paul, and then Paul came alongside Timothy and others.  By encouraging and challenging, the coach empowers the apprentice for ministry. The coach will come alongside them to help them discover God’s agenda for their life and ministry, and then cooperate with the Holy Spirit to see that agenda become reality. In this role they empower each apprentice to listen to the Spirit and act in accordance with the mission they sense God calling them toward.  The coach essentially listens to the Spirit and takes action accordingly.




  • are willing to be bi-vocational in the apprenticeship and into the future

  • have an initial sense of calling towards leading out in disciple making

  • have a desire to work alongside others to see leaders and churches multiplied

  • are open to cohort, coaching, and mentorship environments


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